Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

KNMF Laboratory for Micro- and Nanostructuring

ALD systemThe full-fledged research atomic-layer-deposition (ALD) system, model Picosun SUNALE R-200 Advanced, is featuring a hot wall reactor for temperatures of up to 500°C, an ozone generator, a plasma generator as well as the capability to handle three liquid and three solid precursor materials. The “Picoflow” mode allows for coating of highly irregular surfaces with high aspect ratios of up to 1:2000. A powder holder enables coating of micropowders. Sensitive samples can be handled in an argon filled glove-box and loaded into the process chamber through a load-lock. For this purpose the carrier gas can be switched from N2 to Ar.

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Details (ALD)


  • conformal 3D coatings (maximum aspect ratio 1:2000)

  • 2D thin films

  • multilayers

  • ALD is attached to an argon filled glove-box

  • Process gases:
    N2 or Ar as carrier gas / purge gas
    H2O / O3 for thermal / ozone assisted ALD
    NH3 for thermal ALD of nitrides
    N2, O2 , H2/Ar (5/95), H2/N2 (5/95), H2/Ar (5/95) gases for plasma assisted ALD processes

  • Processes available:
    Al2O3 and AlN, TiO2 and TiN, TaN, HfO2, Ag, Nb2O5

Design rules

  • Max. sample height 15 mm

  • Max. diameter 200 mm (8” Si-Wafer)


metals, ceramics, nitrides

Typical structure

SEM image of an approx. 75 nm thick TiO2 thin film coating on a (100)-oriented Si-Wafer