Electron Beam Lithography (EBL)

KNMF Laboratory for Micro- and Nanostructuring


  • Substrate: 4” and 6“ wafer; special piece parts (on request, minimum size 20 mm x 20 mm)
  • High voltage: 100 kV
  • Main field: ≤ 1310 μm
  • Resolution: < 1 nm (depends on main field size)

E-Beam lithography in extremely thick PMMA (3200 nm) with structural details in submicron range (~ 200 nm)

E-Beam lithography down to 20 nm scale in PMMA (resist thickness < 100 nm).

Download technology description (PDF)

Details (EBL)


  • Aspect ratio up to 10 depending on geometry
  • Structural details ≥ 20 nm
  • Resist thickness up to 3200 nm
    (e.g. for electroplating of high aspect ratio gold structures required for X-ray lithography)


  • Standard Resist: PMMA

Design rules

  • Rounding of structural edges
  • Design of dummy structures for stress reduction
  • Homogeneous structure allocation (in case of subsequent electroplating)


Substrate materials: silicon, glass, metal
Other resist and substrate materials on request