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KNMFi is a high-tech platform for information-driven structuring and characterizing a multitude of functional materials at the micro- and nanoscale.

The Karlsruhe Nano Micro Facility for Information-driven Material Structuring and Characterization (KNMFi) offers access to a uniquely complete set of fabrication, characterization and information technologies. External users from academia and industry, either national or international, can apply for open and – if the results are published – free access. Annual deadlines for the submission of proposals are January 15 and June 15. Applications for urgent and commercial projects are assessed immediately upon submission (proposal submission). The highly qualified KNMFi staff will guide users through the relevant processes and techniques to address their processing goals and characterization needs. KNMFi encourages the early discussion of planned projects and scientific goals and is open for long-term collaborations.

About Us


Digitalization and Information Management

The Laboratory for Simulation and Data Management is the newest part of KNMFi. Here, activities in terms of digitalization, data handling and information management are bundled. The lab will bridge multiscale structuring and manufacturing technologies and multiscale characterization techniques by gathering the process data and information of each method, shape them into a generally usable format, and then make them available in a defined dataset for further research. Two major focuses are set in the lab: 

  1. COMPLAT / Chemotion
    ComPlat offers users a combination of different services based on software and databases. In the past, software solutions and concepts were developed to support experimental research groups in the field of data management. This work is used to build up an infrastructure to realise new data flow concepts and documentation or analysis processes. For KNMFi users, services are offered which, on the basis of the established solution Chemotion, allow the mapping of new research aspects. This will enable the integration of additional data types and documentation needs into a digital workflow. The offered solutions aim to support users in particular in their efforts to generate FAIR data that meet the requirements of research data management standards and fosters further analysis and re-use of the data. ComPlat will complement existing systems and develop new software and concepts according to user requirements. In particular, the focus will be on extensions to support data transfer, storage, annotation and management by electronic laboratory journals.
  2. KaDi4Mat
    Without suitable modelling, simulation and analysis methods, the constantly growing request for information on materials behavior as well as the amounts of data from simulations and experiments will no longer be recordable. An important aspect is to be able to perform modelling and simulation in an efficient and rapid way. Here, the massive parallel solver Pace3D is used for materials research. To perform the corresponding data analysis smoothly, a structured storage of research data and related metadata is essential. In addition to uniform data storage, such systems can overcome inter-institutional hurdles, generate specific models, compare theoretical and experimental data and offer reproducible workflows for data analysis. Furthermore, linking data with persistent identifiers enables other researchers to reference them in their work.
    Kadi4Mat, the Karlsruhe Data Infrastructure for Materials Science, is a software to tackle the challenges mentioned, by combining new concepts with established technologies and existing solutions.
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The lab technology is to major parts based on hardware and software provided by the Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC), which is the center for information technology at KIT. SCC deals with innovative methods in supercomputing, big data and safe information technologies for research and applications. Additionally, large scale IT research projects are provided as well as the centralized IT management for KIT. SCC will contribute by developing and providing metadata expertise and services:

  • Metastore is a metadata repository with integrated quality assessments for the optimized metadata management of large amounts of metadata documents. It plays an important role for the metadata management in different national and European projects, such as the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration Platform (HMC), the NFFA-Europe Pilot (NEP) and the Integrated Model and Data Driven Material Characterization program (MDMC).
  • The FAIR Digital Object Concept draws on an ecosystem of internationally coordinated information services based on the Research Data Alliance (RDA) and the EOSC Interoperability Framework of the European Commission, allowing the deep exploration of heterogeneous and distributed data collections.
  • The development of human- and machine-actionable vocabularies and taxonomies (ontology) will allow to build-up a metadata repository optimized for correlative characterization. By the integration of digital tools, SCC will support researchers in enriching their data with metadata, data curation, and data analysis.

Steering Committee

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Brandner, Head of KNMF
    responsible for the overall strategic direction
  • Dr. Christian Kübel, Deputy Head of KNMF
    responsible for the management of the KNMF Laboratory for Microscopy and Spectroscopy
  • Dr. Nicole Jung
    responsible for the management of the KNMF Laboratory for Simulation and Data Management
  • Dr. Dieter Maas
    responsible for the management of the KNMF Laboratory for Micro- and Nanostructuring
  • Dr. Susan Anson
    responsible for the integration of KNMF within the Helmholtz Association and with external research infrastructures
  • Thomas Schaller
    User Office
    The KNMF User Office will help you answer your questions. Please contact us for information about technologies and services, and when you are experiencing any problem with the user facility.


  1. Investigation of Luminescent Triplet States in Tetranuclear Cu Complexes: Thermochromism and Structural Characterization.
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  3. Staircase array of inclined refractive multi-lenses for large field of view pixel super-resolution scanning transmission hard X-ray microscopy.
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  6. Nanoscaled Fractal Superstructures via Laser Patterning - A Versatile Route to Metallic Hierarchical Porous Materials.
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  8. Olefin Ring‐closing Metathesis under Spatial Confinement: Morphology−Transport Relationships [in press].
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  9. Phosphoric acid and thermal treatments reveal the peculiar role of surface oxygen anions in lithium and manganese-rich layered oxides.
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  10. Controlled Surface Adhesion of Macrophages via Patterned Antifouling Polymer Brushes.
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  11. Electric‐Potential‐Induced Complete Control of Magnetization in MnZnSb Metallic Ferromagnets.
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  23. Degradation Characteristics of Electrospun Gas Diffusion Layers with Custom Pore Structures for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells.
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  24. Investigation of “NaCoTiO” as a multi-phase positive electrode material for sodium batteries.
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  1. Role of carbon on the thermal and electrical properties of graphene- enriched silicon oxycarbides.
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  32. Hot-embossed microcone-textured fluoropolymer as self-cleaning and anti-reflective photovoltaic module covers.
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  34. Coordination Compounds of 9,10-Dihydro-9-oxa-10-phosphaphenanthrene-10-Oxide (DOPO) Ligands: Extremely High Thermostability and Ligand Oxidation in the Solid State.
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