Helmholtz Imaging

Helmholtz Imaging's mission is to unlock the potential of imaging in the Helmholtz Association.

January 2023

Image data provide a substantial part of data being generated in scientific research. Helmholtz Imaging is the overarching platform to better leverage and make accessible to everyone the innovative modalities, methodological richness, and data treasures of the Helmholtz Association.

For us, imaging is the whole process from data acquisition and data preparation to data management and data analysis. For this reason, we feel that the anchoring at the three host centers DESY, DKFZ and MDC is optimal to serve the entire imaging pipeline and jointly generate the greatest possible added value for the entire association. We are dedicated to making Helmholtz Imaging an internationally visible platform for imaging research.

Helmholtz Imaging Modalities is the heart of the Helmholtz Imaging Network. Get to know the imaging experts from the Helmholtz Association, explore the amazing portfolio of cutting-edge instruments from satellites to synchrotrons, dive into the exciting world of imaging applications. Helmholtz Imaging Modalities facilitates finding the right instruments, partners and collaborators for innovative projects, with just the right complementary expertise necessary to conduct research for grand challenges.

For Helmholtz Users: If you are affiliated to one of the Helmholtz Centers, we invite you to add your profile, your modalities and your applications to the website. Just use your home institutions credentials. Be Helmholtz Imaging!

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Updated assessment criteria for proposals

December 06, 2019

Please note that future proposals with insufficient information will be strictly rejected. We have adapted our guidelines as follows:

Assessment criteria are scientific value, relevance to KIT research, commitment of user to KNMF, and in the case of returning users, success of previous work, proper reporting and high-value publications arising from the previous proposals. The proposal must include sufficient information to allow the technology experts and reviewers to evaluate the feasibility and scientific excellence of the proposed work.