Karlsruhe Nano Micro Facility (KNMF)

Steps to Access

Access to KNMF installations requires the submission of proposals via the online proposal submission system. Please comply with the user guidelines and consider the following steps:


Before submitting a proposal

  • Check if you are staff of a Helmholtz Association (HGF) member organisation. To avoid conflicts of interest, only non-HGF staff are eligible to submit a standard or long-term KNMF proposal or be nominated as co-proposers. HGF staff can submit "ih-proposals" (institute/HGF proposal). ih-proposals are not subject to call deadlines and will be evaluated internally and should be discussed with KNMF experts before submission. If you need assistance please contact the User Office.
  • Select the type of proposal
  • Select the technologies of interest
  • Select and contact the experts of the technologies of interest to discuss and define the work to carry out. It is a good idea to discuss your proposal with the KNMF experts before you submit it. For long-term and fast-track proposals a prior discussion with the KNMF experts is mandatory.


Submit your proposal

  • Sign up online for a user account and login
  • Prepare online the application form (standard or long-term proposal. For standard proposals a fast-track option is offered at the end of the submission process but is subject to rigid restrictions.
  • Prepare offline the experimental method form
  • Submit online the proposal
  • Make sure that the status of your proposal is "Submitted" (S). When you edit your proposal you have to submit it again.
  • It is a good idea to submit project reports for your previous proposal(s) and to submit publications that are related to your work at KNMF. With a good report and publication record you can show your commitment to KNMF and positively influence the Reviewers' decision on your new proposal(s).


Start your project

  • Receive information about time allocation
  • Visit us


Finish your project

  • Prepare offline the project report
  • Submit online the project report
  • Publish your results and submit your publications to KNMF


In case you face any problems please contact the user office.