Karlsruhe Data Infrastructure for Materials Science (Kadi4Mat)

Laboratory for Simulation and Data Management

Without suitable modelling, simulation and analysis methods, the constantly growing request for information on materials behavior as well as the amounts of data from simulations and experiments will no longer be recordable. An important aspect is to be able to perform modelling and simulation in an efficient and rapid way. Here, the massive parallel solver Pace3D is used for materials research. To perform the corresponding data analysis smoothly, a structured storage of research data and related metadata is essential. In addition to uniform data storage, such systems can overcome inter-institutional hurdles, generate specific models, compare theoretical and experimental data and offer reproducible workflows for data analysis. Furthermore, linking data with persistent identifiers enables other researchers to reference them in their work.

The Karlsruhe Data Infrastructure for Materials Science (Kadi4Mat) is a software to tackle the challenges mentioned, by combining new concepts with established technologies and existing solutions. More details can be found on the Kadi4Mat website. A demonstrator is available.

Members of the new Laboratory for Simulation and Data Management are part of different NFDI consortia (NFDI4Chem, NFDI4Ing) and contribute to the establishment of the science data center Molekulare Materialforschung (MoMaF). This engagement strengthens the work of KNMFi and allows to generate synergies with respect to the generation of infrastructure and software development.

The KNMFi Laboratory for Simulation and Data Management including Kadi4Mat are under construction. Please contact us for questions and suggestions or if you are interested to collaborate with us.